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HARDEX All Purpose Disinfectant Solution - 20 Liter

RM 70.00 RM 85.00

HARDEX ALL PURPOSE DISINFECTANT SOLUTION -20 Liter is a DIY ready to use multi purpose alcohol free with water based hygiene cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant that helps protect your family from harmful viruses, germs and bacteria. It contains surfactant with pH neutral that is able to clean and kill bacteria. A fresh scent deodorizes the air while cleaning. 


✅ Ready to Use 

✅ Non-Toxic 

✅ Non-Flammable 

✅ Non-Irritant to Skin and Eyes 

✅ Alcohol Free and Water-Based 

✅ Sanitize Non-Food Contact Surface 

✅ Kills Germs, Bacteria & Virus 

Disinfectant Suitable use for : Stores, offices, factory, schools, homes, cars, etc.