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Rebar Tier Tools 12V Lithium Ion Batteries

RM 780.00

Package included:

1 X Tying Machine

1 X Pliers

1 X Charger

1 X Storage Box

2 X Lithium Ion Batteries

5 X Tying Wire (Tying Wire Standard: About 0.8 mm x 110 m/roll)


Color: Orange

Material: Plastic + Metal

Voltage: 12V

Battery: 12V Lithium Ion Batteries x 2 Pcs

Battery Capacity: 13200 Mah

Battery Charging Time: 1.5 hours full filling

Tying Wire Diameter: 0.8mm

Tying Wire Length: more than 110 m

Applicable Scope Of Steel Strapping: 30mm - 60mm

Knot Wire Length: 40cm and above

Knot Number Per Charge: 3000 times

Knot The Required Time: 0.8 seconds at a time

Cable Length: 95cm / 37.40''(appr.)

Box Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 42X30X10cm / 16.54''X11.81''X3.94''(appr.)

Machine Size: 290 mm * 65 mm * 195 mm / 11.42''x2.56''x7.68''(appr.)

Charger Plug: China national standard plug (we will send you the suitable adapter according to your location)



Brand New and high quality.

Compact size, lightweight, easy to grab.

It can save 3-5 times than man power by hand.

Rebar Tier is a hand held machine used to pack rebars quickly.

It is a miniature motor tool has the trait of safety and credibility.

Used for building market, including civil building, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, steel bar, etc.

Reasonable structure, advanced craft, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.


Tying Wire Installations

1. In the state of start-up, press the locking plate of the opening wire plate, open the plate cover.

2. Take out the tying wire, tear the packaging film, pull straight wire head about 10 cm, load into the binding machine in the clockwise direction, the wire head into the guide tap tube.

Note: Clench the wire plate when tear the packaging film, do not let the wire loose. If the wire is free to disperse, it will lead to the spread of the wire stuck in the wire plate.

3. Insert the head of the wire guide into the tap pipe until it is resisted.

4. Cover the plate and fasten the locking piece.

5. Pinch the wire forward with two fingers, press and hold the switch and send the wire out.

6. If you want to take out the wire plate when finished, press and hold the locking piece, open the wire plate cover plate, holding the wire tray to the side and pull out.


Operation Instructions

1. The rebar tirer's jaws are stuck to the intersection of the steel bars, and the steel bars are hooked at 45 degree angles.

Note: There can be no barrier between the mouth of the jaws and the wire.

2. Press the start switch, the rebar tirer machine carries on the work (spins, hinges tightly, cuts off)

Note: Press one button at a time, do not probe the jaws at work.

3. When automatic completion, the jaw from the steel bar intersection and then pull back, complete the process and prepare for the next binding.

4. When the binding process is not completed, do not unplug the machine in advance, otherwise it will cause the bundling of the goods tied skidding.


Operating Skills

1. In use, the left tilt 45 degrees after banding, the next time the banding into a right tilt 45 degrees banding, left and right alternately banding.

2. When the machine is about to tighten, the machine will appear slightly shaking, while holding the hand of the machine not too tight, you can relax properly.



1. Clean the machine regularly, keep the wire mouth clean.

2. This product can not be placed randomly, so as not to cause damage to parts.

3. Batteries must not be placed together with other metal objects to avoid short circuit.

4. Non-professional do not disassemble the machine arbitrarily, lest cause damage.

5. When you encounter an unresolved failure, please give it to the professional repair.