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3M Sefl-Adhesie Wool Pile For Door & Window seal strip 20 feet ( for 3' x 7' door size )

RM 14.00


Tape    : 3M Adhesive backing

Lenght : 20 feet / pack ( for 3 feet (w) x 7 feet ( h ) door )

Colour : Light Gray

Brand-new yarn strips laminate sheet
*A polypropylene laminate sheet in the strips allows an
over five-fold increase in their degree of seal, together with
those common features possessed by ordinary yarn strips.

*A closed protective layer prevents air, water and noise from
passing through the strips.

*The yarn strips penetration performance is superior
to the highest first level of GB7107-86 standard.

*With reduced friction and extended life-span.

*Packaged in large rolls to avoid deformity of laminate sheets.

All-weather advantages of yarn strips
*Can function well even in extreme climates.

*Water-proof and anti-aging.

*Sturdy and durable with no deformity.