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TAIYO PICUS HR-007L Hand Riveter ( Made In Japan )W/H 4 Size Riveter Head 2.4MM , 3.2MM , 4.0MM , 4.8MM

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Product Descriptions: 

-  Able to fit in almost every size of hand rivet, ranging from 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16", in other words, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, and 4.8mm

-  Spring-loaded handle ejects rivet stem automatically

-  Suited for steel and aluminum rivets

-  Top brand for hand riveter, made in japan


-  Designed to join two pieces of metal or plastic together through a pre-drilled hole

-  Used in making metal or plastic objects or for repairs around the house, such as re-attaching a loose piece of guttering or iron


-  Release the lever handles until they are far apart, the rivet mandrel is inserted into the riveter jaw case. As the lever handles are squeezed together, the jaw case. Gripping the rivet shank tightly is drawn upward.

-  As the jaw case is drawn upward, the jaws are pulled more tightly into the tapered inner shaft of the jaw case. 

-  Thereby tightening their grip on the rivet shank and making it possible for the rivet shank to be drawn upward with tremendous force.

-  The round tip of the rivet head is pulled into the flange, spreading it. As the head comes up against the surface of the material being riveted its upward thrust is stopped. Further pressure applied to the lever handles continues the upward thrust of the shank, and the shank separates from the head. Release the lever handles again and the separated rivet shaft drops out of the jaw case.

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