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Anex Power Bit ( Made in Japan )Screw Drill Bit PH2 x 65mm / PH2 X 110mm

RM 86.00

Product Description

Super Heavy Duty Industrial Anex Japan Screw Drill Bit PH2 X 65mm Length A Great Mating Screw Of Strict Dimensional Accuracy Under Strict Quality Management. 

Features: ANEX Screw Drill Bit PH2 x 65mm / PH2 X 110mm Length Selected Best Material Based On Application In ANEX Screw Bit. In House Integrated Production From Heat Treatment , Plastic Molding And Assembly Metal Processing Using Full Of Its Own Technology.

Special Features: Super Heavy Duty And Industrial Usage Of Screwdriver Bit For Durability. Strict Precision Accuracy with Uniform Tip Shape Quality Of Screw Bit. Good Magnetic Attached For Screwing For Working Convenience. Special Molybdenum Vanadium Alloy Steel As Material For Harsh Usage Of Driver Bit. Heat Treatment By Non -Oxidizing Special Quenching And Tempering To Maximize Its Material For Achieving Tremendous Toughness And Wear Resistance. ANEX Screw Driver Bit Manufactured Is based On Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and The Japan Camera Industry Standard (JCIS), Are Manufactured Under Strict Quality Management.