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Maglev Door EM Lock

RM 485.00

Structure installation instructions

When installing the automatic door magnetic lock, it can be used without any processing and modification. The specific steps are as follows:

①Fix the pull bolt assembly on the slide rail, and fix the 4 M46 Phillips pan head screws in the hardware package:

②Put the lock body on the slide rail groove and fix it with two M6*16 stop screws

③After installing the lock body part, close the pull bolt assembly and the lock body so that the working surface of the lock body is flush with the working surface of the pull bolt assembly, and try to make the working surface is parallel, then power on

④Power on, test run

⑤ Make minor adjustments on the adjustable parts, so that the bolt assembly and the lock body can be combined in the most natural way

⑥ Finish installation