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Optical Anti-explosion Films For Indoor / Outdoor Glass Protection Film 1520mm Width

RM 1,200.00


Size   : 1520mm (W ) x 50 meter ( L ) / Roll

Transparent to the strong material of the explosion-proof membrane features:

1. Extremely high quality

2. Excellent hardness.

3. Excellent workability, the glue layer is not acidic, and has good processing properties.

4. Excellent durability. After bonding for a certain period of time, it is not easy to peel off and there is no foaming on the bonding surface.


Transparent explosion-proof membrane product benefits:

√ Prevent natural disasters such as typhoon earthquakes.

√ Anti-human damage

√ Prevent bathroom slipping glass rupture

√ Anti-robbery theft

√ Prevent sudden glass breakage from falling from the building