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Window Restrictor Cable Lock

RM 23.80

Safety Window Restrictor Lock Door Child Security Wire Cablelocking 


  1. Suitable For : UPVC, Wood, Aluminium & Metal.
  2. Can Be Locked & Unlocked As Required.
  3. Self Drilling Screws Supplied.
  4. The Lockable Cable Window Restrictor is a simple to fit device that limits the distance a window can open, ideal for home & commercial safety.
  5. When the cable is in place the distance the window can open is limited, by using the key the cable can be removed from one end and the window can be opened fully.
  6. Designed specifically with child safety in mind.
  7. Prevents fatalities and injuries.
  8. Suitable for most types of windows and small doors.
  9. Perfect for home, public and commercial applications


  1. Universal window and door restrictor
  2. Prevents fatalities and injuries
  3. Coated with an MRSA repellent
  4. Can be fitted to all materials
  5. Can be used in hospitals, hotels, homes and schools
  6. Suitable for every type of opening window
  7. Discourages burglars and intruders
  8. For security and safety
  9. Provided for Health and Safety